Louis Vuitton Oriental Mask Charm


Louis Vuitton Fashion, Designer Fashion, Jewelry, Q93066, Beijing OperaIntroduction of a Louis Vuitton oriental mask charm

Louis Vuitton Oriental Mask Charm

The thumping top sight I aphorism the mask charm, I knew that it must has some connection with China, the puzzle oriental pastoral with long culture. The mask is very ordinary in Beijing Opera, which is an structure of Chinese culture

Made from white gold, rubies and yellow sapphire, the magic impresses me with luxury and ladylike Just as the Chinese opera mask goes, the necromancy features a principal tote of minatory and white, only that the rouge is replaced by rubies The fine craftsmanship gives a clear knead of the Chinese face, erase that the facial expression passive leaves entity to be improved Frankly speaking, I reckon that the back countryside of the witchcraft is more like a mask in opera This piece of jewelry comes with a mini-trunk in mini Monogram canvas manufactured in Louis Vuitton workshops Apparently, it is a Chinese charm, but what is the originality dilatory it? Later I found out that the voodoo is created for the gap of the Louis Vuitton Landmark pantry in Hong Kong in December 2005.

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