Prabodh Mehta Diamond Group With New Trends Of Jewelry

Prabodh Mehta Diamond Group With New Trends Of Jewelry


Prabodh Mehta diamond group, as a member of board of gaffer of Gembel European Sales in Antwerp Belgium and founder of Pace Gems and Kay Diamond brings the finest collections of voguish diamonds with different colors and amazing designs.

Prabodh Mehta Diamond Group With New Trends Of Jewelry

Prabodh Mehta Diamond Group With New Trends Of Jewelry

Diamonds are always treated as valuable substances remained as heirloom for the life time Here Prabodh Mehta diamond band brings the modern trends of jewelry that every women sob to explore with existing means To bear the identity underneath swivel and remain as framework out of cease of the collection it is needed to gain connected with sensational diamonds trends As we all notice Antwerp, Belgium is one of the biggest markets for different diamonds that drive the full creation with amazing and sparkling trends of diamonds. In behest to synchronize with the emerging needs of the modern world here Prabodh Mehta Gembel European Sales brings you with modern pile of diamonds and precious stones

As a situation moves on with slanting mode; the various segments of economy including way keeps on varying at a extreme manner. Earlier the level of technology and innovation were not too high to effect such sort of amazing diamond designs But today, in doorstep you leave find diamonds with different amusing colors that are enough to make one perfect with personality. These beautiful and charming diamonds are possible to find their vend in edict to make the cosmos perfect of glittering. As compare to gone decade, ring size chart, as per diamond merchants including prabodh Mehta Belgium the demand cede elevate by 35 % by 2015.

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Whether it is precious stones, yellow diamonds, or steel with diamonds, sphere with a substantial ruby, pendant necklaces, Gembel European Sales obtain discovered with flawless creative and innovative trends different jewelry items As a result Prabodh Mehta Gembel Antwerp has become a gist measure of branding and popularization of all diamond events and lucky jewelry occasions that are being hosted by different countries in across the globe Today; you entrust find Prabodh Mehta diamond band as one of the actual and credible ticket of diamond industry.

Prabodh Mehta joined his father work of Late Shri Kirtilal Mehta in Belgium In his early age of 17 he managed to gain the finished learning of gem and diamond about refining, polishing and many more from his father Since from their childhood; Prabodh Mehta had ululate interest in diamond and precious stones that twirled as best for their employment Today, Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta played a requisite role for mixed stone companies including as founder of Gembel European Sales Belgium, member of Board of Director for Pace Gems and for Kay Diamonds as well In his finished corporate voyage he methodically discovered numerous forms of diamonds with attractive designs and alluring colors

If we prattle about laurels and accreditations; Prabodh Mehta has got several bays including Officer in de Kroonorde from the King of Belgium in 2004 and Officer de Leopold II from the King of Belgium in 1993. Besides these; apart from his diamond world; he besides well declared for true philanthropists where he successfully reflects his father vision of hole an affordable medication way in the covert of Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai. In his perfect tenure of corporate experience Prabodh Mehta has come over with his roles and responsibilities with elite efforts

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